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The 11 Top Benefits of Having a Company Blog

Find out why having a blog on your company’s web site is no longer just a ‘trend’. Here are the top benefits a company blog would bring to your online presence.

5 Top Reasons Why Your Company Site Needs a Blog

Company blogs? Boring!

You are probably thinking that a blog on your company page will be boring and no one will care to read. You couldn’t be farther than the truth – a well written company blog will inform, inspire and turn readers into CUSTOMERS.

Done right, business blogging can skyrocket your sales, boost your traffic and make you a true influencer in your speciality.

Here are the top benefits of having a company blog:

Blogs BOOST your SEO results

Google (and all the other search engines) love content. The more, the better. But how much content can one create in an ‘about‘ page? Or a ‘services‘ page?

A blog allows you to create as much content as you’d like related to your business. I can write about blogging, wordpress customization, SEO, logo design, web site speed optimization and so on. Hundreds or thousands of articles that will clearly help my web site get a better position in Google.

Generates more traffic

Few pages of presentation are OK, but they will get less traffic than a full fledged blog with countless articles that are interesting and ‘shareable‘. Not only your position in the search engines will get a boost, your traffic as well.

People love to share interesting articles

.. we just talked about ‘shareable‘ content ..

A ‘services‘ page will probably get very few shares in the social media (I bet you’ll promote it and maybe your closest friends). But an article that solves a problem, relates an interesting anecdote from your business or inspires will get people talking about it. And, online, when people talk about something, they link to it and share it.

A Business blog helps you prove your skills / knowledge

There’s no better way to prove to your potential clients that you are an expert in your business than to provide well-thought advice and insights. Anyone can write few paragraphs of how amazing their services and products are. But few can provide constant and valuable content for their clients.

In my case, blogging for 9 years helped my potential customers see that I am experienced in what I do and I could potentially do a good job for their online presence as well.

After blogging for almost a decade about web design and development, about traffic, SEO, online-reputation etc., my clients were convinced that there’s more to myself than just a ‘what we do‘ section in our web site.

Except for our clients that came from Elance or personal connections, ALL other clients came from our blog sections and various articles / insights shared on webmaster blogs/forums over the time.

That’s huge!

A blog allows you to win customers

Just as mentioned before, a LOT of your potential customers will probably get convinced to try your services or products after reading your blog. If they still had a doubt, reading your well-researched and helpful content makes them choose you from a plethora or other similar business that are fighting to get them.

Helps develop a good email database

A good blog will get subscribers. They are interested in your business and are potentially gonna buy ‘something‘ new from you, as soon as they hear about it.

Really connect with your audience

A blog (especially if you keep the comment section open) allows you to get DIRECT access to your customers. To find out what they need, what they struggle with, what they expect from you. This invaluable information source can really help you create new products/services that your audience craves for.

Helps customers connect with you

I was surprised to see that some of my customers were at first shy to contact me, even if my portfolio does have a contact us page. They felt like ‘strangers’ and it was difficult to make the initial connection.

After reading my blog and commenting on it, they noticed I was a nice person and mustered the ‘courage’ to connect.

Of course, not all turned into paying customers, but quite a few did.

By having a company blog and giving readers the chance to connect, you’ll see more are willing to make the move and contact you. Some will turn into customers.

You HAVE to get more educated in your business

Many business men, once they reach a certain level, tend to become self-sufficient. The problem is that, in most specialties, progress happens fast and one can easily get left behind.

By keeping a company blog and trying to provide fresh content and ideas, you are forced to keep on reading and learning. It’s impossible to provide top-notch data in your field and still ignore what’s happening now.

You’ll learn to speak ‘normal’ once again

After working for a while in a business, we tend to speak ‘lingo’ that’s pretty difficult for our customers to understand. Now, in my business, responsive design is the ‘thing‘. Of course my tendency is to use these specialized terms (I can understand them, right?) and yet many customers have no idea what I am talking about.

This forces me to explain and try to use ‘normal’ language as much as possible.

It does something else:

It educates customers

I find it’s important for our customers to understand our business. Many are fearful (not knowing too much about something has this effect on people) and this has a bad impact on how they perceive your business.

Educated customers are better: they understand what you’re doing, they have correct expectations, they are easy to work and communicate with.

Keeping a company blog is not that difficult after all and the benefits are huge. From helping your customers get better educated and trusting you more, to boosting your traffic and SEO results, business blogging can only help you get your name out there.

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The brain behind, Ramona (Dojo) is an experienced web designer and blogger. When she's not creating something beautiful for her web design clients, she blogs about Personal Finance and spends time with her one year old daughter.

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